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US Department Of The Treasury Flags

US Department Of The Treasury Flags

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Product Description

These Department of the Treasury agency flags are made from 100% nylon fabric. They feature a silk screened design and are finished with a strong white header with real brass grommets for attaching to a flagpole lanyard.

We also offer these in a indoor version that feature a pole hem and gold fringe. Available in several sizes; just select you size and version and pricing will adjust accordingly.

Flag origin and description;

The Treasury Flag has a background of mintleaf green, upon which there is a shield resting upon an eagle. In its beak, the eagle is holding a scroll containing the words "The Department of the Treasury." One side of the flag is Old Glory blue with white letters and the reverse side is white with dark gray. In its claws the eagle holds another scroll containing the year of the Department's creation "1789" in white.

The shield background is yellow with brown outlines and yellow-orange shadows. There is an oak branch on the right side and an olive branch on the left. It also contains a blue chevron crested by 13 white stars (to represent the original thirteen states). Beneath the chevron is the traditional Treasury key (the emblem of official authority) in white. Above the chevron appears the balancing scales (representing justice) in white pivoting upon a blue anchor.

100% Made in the USA

Please allow 2 weeks for shipping of these custom made flags.

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