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Airport Checkered Safety Flags

Airport Checkered Safety Flags

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Product Description

These commercial grade airfield safety flags are made from durable nylon fabric and measure 3' X 3' and meet strict FAA requirements for airport construction jobsites. They are ideal for marking airport vehicles or airfield job sites. The bright orange and white checkered flags are sewn, not printed, and are made in the USA They have a sewn-in pocket to accommodate a standard 1 diameter pole or wooden dowel(not included).

Use: Airport / Airfield Safety Flags are used to enhance visibility during daylight, VFR conditions. and are basically used for three purposes:

To mark construction vehicles. These should be 3x3 with an orange and white checkerboard pattern utilizing 1 x 1 squares. To mark hazards during construction, such as barricades, taxiways leading to closed runways, open manholes, critical or sensitive areas, stockpiled materials, or other related hazards. They can be either solid orange or orange and white. They must be a minimum of 20"x20" and must be securely fastened and fully extended for visibility. When marking a large area or a number of objects they should be set a minimum of every 20. To temporarily mark other large structures, such as construction cranes or drilling rigs for daytime visibility, are discussed in AC/70-7460-1. Airport / Airfield Safety Flags used in this manner, such as when used on cranes, are used in daytime/VFR conditions when it is impractical to use spherical markers or paint. When using the checkerboard pattern a 3 x 3 size is recommended. They should be displayed at the highest point no more than 50 apart. A spacing of 30 on closely grouped hazards is recommended.

Proudly Made in the USA.

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