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U.S. Navy Commisioning Pennants

U.S. Navy Commisioning Pennants

Item# NP-NCP
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Product Description

These U.S. Navy Comissioning Pennants are available in two official sizes. These pennants feature embroidered (Not Printed) stars on a blue field at the hoist (one quarter the length of the pennant) with seven evenly spaced white stars. The remainder divided horizontally red over white.

These Navy pennants are available with embroidered white stars. They have a single brass grommet at the hoist end for attaching to a lanyard.

Dimensions: In two sizes: Size 6 measures 72 inches long, 2.5 inches wide at the hoist and 0.5 inches at the fly, with a 9-inch swallowtail. Size 7 measures 48 inches in length, 1.875 inches at the hoist and 0.375 inches at the fly, with a 6-inch swallowtail.

These pennants are made to official U.S. navy regulations. .

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