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USA 2-Ply Polyester Store Brand Flags

USA 2-Ply Polyester Store Brand Flags
Our Store Brand line of USA Polyester flags feature the same quality and performance of our Valley Forge brand flags but for less.

The 100% Made in the USA flags are made of 100% 2x2 Ply polyester fabric and feature embroidered stars and sewn stripes, a heavy duty header and brass grommets. We reinforce these flags with 4 rows of stitching on the fly end to reduce fraying and use fade resistant material so your flag will last longer and fade less.

These flags are an excellent choice if you fly your flag 24/7 and your wind speed is higher. As these flags are made from heavier fabric they require a higher wind speed to "fly" than nylon flags.

All have sewn stripes and embroidered stars, except sizes 8 x 12ft and above which have appliqued stars. They all have canvas headings and brass grommets. Sizes 8ft x 12ft and larger have rope reinforced headings with thimble or D ring ends. Sizes 12x18ft and larger are available with printed or appliqued stars.
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