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Buddhist Flag (Nylon) w/Grommets

Buddhist Flag (Nylon) w/Grommets

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Product Description

Our high quality outdoor Buddhist flags are screen dyed on SolarMax treated 200 denier heavy duty outdoor nylon that resists fading and is finished with a white header and real brass grommets to ensure maximum durability.

Flag history: The Buddhist flag dates back to 1880. The flag had two creators: Mr J.R. de Silva and Henry S. Olcott. The flag has six horizontal color stripes. The first five are solid colors and the last is five horizontal stripes of the different colors already used. Each color on the flag offers a different symbolism. The first stripe is blue and represents the kindness and peace of Buddhism. The second stripe is yellow and symbolizes the middle path which is the complete absence of form. The third stripe is red which signifies achievement, virtue, wisdom, dignity, and fortune. The fourth stripe is white and it stands for purity. The firth stripe is orange which brings about the essence of Buddhism. The combination of the five colors in the sixth stripe represent Buddhism being the one and only truth. The flag was first flown over Sri Lanka in 1885 and was officially accepted in 1952. In 1956 the orange was replaced with a pale pink. The overall symbolism of the flag was stated to be that regardless of race, nationality, and division of color all people possessed the potential of Buddhism.

Made in The USA

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