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NOAA Agency Flags (Various Sizes)

NOAA Agency Flags (Various Sizes)

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Product Description

These National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration agency flags feature the NOAA seal centered on a navy blue background, screened printed on heavy duty nylon fabric.

These flags are made according to NOAA flag regulations (NAO201-6) in the following official sizes;

Size 2x3Ft) for everyday use.

Size 3x5Ft for Dress Occasions.

They are available in outdoor versions which feature grommets for attaching to a outdoor flagpole/mast or in an indoor version which feature a pole sleeve and gold fringe around the flag edges.

Indoor version only available in Size 3x5Ft.

Made in the USA

The Coast and Geodetic Survey was authorized a distinguishing flag, blue with a red triangle on a white disk, on January 16, 1899. The design was emblematic of the triangulation method used in surveying. The current NOAA service flag, normally displayed at the masthead of the forwardmost mast as a distinctive mark of a NOAA vessel in commission, was adapted from the Coast and Geodetic Survey flag by adding the NOAA emblem, a two-tone blue circle with the silhouette of a seabird in white, on the center. On single-masted vessels, the service flag flies immediately beneath the commission pennant or personal flag of a civilian official or flag officer. NOAA vessels display the national ensign and union jack in the same manner as those of the Navy and Coast Guard, and follow the movements of the senior Navy or Coast Guard vessel if present together in the same port.

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