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Navy Jewish Worship Pennant Flag

Navy Jewish Worship Pennant Flag

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Product Description

This Navy Jewish Worship Pennant is made of a durable nylon fabric that is specially treated to resist fading. It features a tough white polyester header and brass grommets. This Pennant is available in various sizes, simply select your size from the pulldown menu and your pricing will adjust accordingly. This flag is also available in a Government regulation version which features a nylon rope and metal snap hook and ring.

The Jewish worship pennant, depicting the tablets of the Law given to Moses on Mt. Sinai inscribed with the Hebrew letters signifying the numbers one through ten for the Ten Commandments, was approved by the Secretary of the Navy in December 1979. It is flown during Jewish worship services aboard.

The church pennant and the Jewish worship pennant are the only two flags that ever fly above the national ensign. They are hoisted above the ensign, either at the flagstaff (in port) or the gaff (under way) during the conduct of religious services by a naval chaplain aboard ship. This usage is expressly authorized by law. U.S. Army directives also provide for use of this pennant above the ensign during services aboard Army vessels, but the legal authority for this would appear to be questionable. Although these pennants may be flown ashore, they may not be flown above the ensign except aboard ship. The use of a pennant to signal that divine services were in progress aboard ship is traditionally said to date from the Anglo-Dutch wars of the 17th century.

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