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Guidon Pole Set (Round Bottom)

Guidon Pole Set (Round Bottom)

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Product Description

Our G-Spec 2-Piece Guidon Pole Sets are made to meet U.S. government specifications for durability and appearance.

They are made from a light Ash wood and feature polished Brass or Chrome Army spears and rounded wood bottoms that will fit in standard floor stands 1 1/4" diameter openings. They are available in 7Ft, 8Ft, and 9.5Ft lengths. They are NSN equivilent items. Guidon Poles are used to display organizational Flags such as Guidons or Unit Colors. They are available ONLY in a chrome/silver finish and come complete with the Army spear ornament that can unscrew to attach the optional battle streamer ring attachment. These Guidon Pole sets feature a rounded bottom for displaying indoor in a standard indoor flagstand.

96 Flagstaffs are used for Positional Colors, Organizational Colors and Ceremonial Flags. If the flag is 4 x 6 or 44 x 56 then a 96 flagstaff should be used.

8 Flagstaffs are used for Guidons and General Officer Flags. 8 Flagstaffs can be used for 3 x 5 flags and smaller.

7 Flagstaffs are used in place of 8 when the ceiling height prohibits a taller flagstaff.

The flagstaffs for all flags in a display should be the same size.

100% Made in the USA

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