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First Navy Jack 3x5Ft Flag (Polyester)

First Navy Jack 3x5Ft Flag (Polyester)

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Product Description

This lightweight 3x5Ft polyester version of the First Navy Jack features a printed design, strong header and 2 grommets for attaching to a flagpole. This economically priced flag is a great deal for the price.

History- The First Navy Jack, which was directly related to the Gadsden flag, has been in use by the United States Navy since its beginnings. During the bicentennial year 1976, commissioned Navy ships flew this Jack in place of the Naval Jack (Officially known as the Union Jack, not to be confused with the United Kingdom's Flag) at the bow. In 1977, the Secretary of the Navy directed that the ship in active status with the longest total period of active service shall display the First Navy Jack until decommissioned or transferred to inactive service, at which time the flag shall be passed to the next ship in line with appropriate honors. The display of this jack by the oldest ship in the fleet is intended as a form of recognition to promote pride of service, enhance morale, and contribute to the tradition of naval service. USS Enterprise (CVN 65) became the oldest active ship in the United States Navy upon the decommissioning of USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63) on 12 May 2009. Enterprise is only the third aircraft carrier ever to hold the honor of flying the First Navy Jack.[8] In addition, since the first Patriot Day on September 11, 2002, which commemorates the lives lost in the September 11 attacks, all navy ships are authorized to fly this flag in place of the national ensign for the duration of the war on terror.

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