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AirPort Aviation Windsocks Various Sizes (Orange)

AirPort Aviation Windsocks Various Sizes (Orange)

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Product Description

These Orange premium airport and aviation windsocks are available in other sizes and are made from the most advanced materials to give a long life of servicability.

These windsocks use premium grade nylon fabric that is made in the USA to very exacting standards. This nylon fabric is made to withstand the day to day exposure to the elements and will not become rigid in cold weather. This versatile fabric is extremely sensative to the lightest of breezes. The material used is also treated with a urethane coating which provides UV protection as well as protects the windsocks color from fading. These windsocks feature double stitched hems and heavy duty brass grommets which contributes to it's overall long life.

These aviation windsocks are supplied to various branches of the U.S. government as well as Airports,Oil Rigs, and Heliports, and meet rigorous specifications for wear and appearance.

These airport windsocks are available in several sizes as well as a solid orange color or an orange/white color combination.

Please note that when selecting your frame size that the first set of numbers in the size refers to the diameter of the "mouth" of the windsock and is also the diameter of the windsock frame that you will need. For example, a 4" x 16" windsock will require a 4" diameter windsock frame.

The second set of numbers refer to the length of the windsock.

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