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Department Of Agriculture Agency Flags

Department Of Agriculture Agency Flags
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Product Description

These Department Of Agriculture flags feature a printed design on durable nylon fabric. They are available as outdoor versions with grommets for attaching to a flagpole lanyard or as indoor versions which feature a pole hem and gold fringe for indoor display.

We offer outdoor versions in 2x3Ft, 3x5Ft or 4x6ft sizes. Indoor versions are available in 3x5Ft sizes only.

100% Made in the USA

Flag Description- The Department of Agriculture flag is dark blue with the departmental seal, which depicts a blue shield with a green mound in the base, and thereon a shock of corn (maize) and a plow both proper. The shield is set against a dark blue circle with 44 white stars, representing the states of the Union at the time the seal was adopted. Below the shield is a scroll inscribed "1862 Agriculture is the foundation of manufacture and commerce 1889," 1862 being the date the department was originally established and 1889 the date it was given cabinet rank. Surrounding the shield is a ring with the name of the department in gold letters.

(Courtesy of FOTW)

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Cage- 4HMN8