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CAGE Code- 4HMN8
Flags and Emblems is a division of U.S. Heraldry LLC

Airport Flags & Windsocks

Flags and Emblems is proud to make available these High Quality Aviation Flags, Windsocks, Windsock Frames, and accessories. We have selected an excellent manufacturer known for thier high quality Made in the USA products and are happy to be able to provide thier products at very good prices.

Aviation windsocks are used by many different industries to determine wind speed and direction;

Military- Used on airfields as well as by chemical detection teams.

Oil Industry- On oil Platforms to determine wind speed and direction for safety.

Correctional Prisons- Used to determine direction of chemical riot control agents when used.

Agricultural- Essential when cropdusting and application of pesticides.

Hobbyists- For Model aircraft enthusiasts to determine wind speed and direction.
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